Monday, March 19, 2012

Why does Infertility have to be so HARD?

I love the fact that I’ve chosen NaPro to treat infertility.  I love that it abides by Church teachings.  I love that it has brought my husband and I closer.  Really, I love it.

However, I HATE that it’s so hard and not well known.  My NaPro doc wants me to have an ultrasound to confirm ovulation.  Well I can’t find one.  So there!  I want to go to an OB/GYN or even an imagining facility, but NONE of them do it.  I’ve called about 5 offices and all refer you out to an RE.  You have to go to an RE here in this city to do anything.  The closest one (like 2 miles from my house) pissed me off and I refuse to go back.  There are two more RE offices in the city (both about 15 miles away).  Every OB/GYNs office I called today referred me to one RE.  So I called to schedule an appointment, thinking, just go ahead and get it over with.  They were closed, so I started looking at their website.  Under services, I saw: GENDER SELECTION.  I felt sick to my stomach.  I get an RE does IVF, but seriously GENDER SELECTION?!?!?  WTH!  I haven’t called to schedule that appointment.  But now I’m stuck.

I’m running out of options here.  Compared to where I grew up, Jack.sonville, FL is huge!  Where are all the bloody doctors?!

Do you girls go to REs?  Am I missing something completely obvious?  Something I haven’t thought of.  Should I suck it up and go back to the doctor that tried to push birth control pills onto me because its closer and they have pretty good RNs and PAs and great equipment?

I’m sure most of my frustration is because CD1 should be today or tomorrow and once it comes, everything will fall back into perspective.

Update: Before I even had time to publish, CD1 appeared.


  1. You're always welcome here!!
    :( I know how frustrating it is... I'm sorry :(

  2. So frustrating! That's exactly why I don't think and ultrasound series is in our future. It's too far. It sucks. Praying that NaPro takes off in popularity and these types of services are the norm. The gender selection is just disgusting.

  3. Gender selection.....ick!!! I agree, it is so frustrating. I was lucky in that we lived in Omaha while I was seeing Dr. H. I always try to spread the word about Napro far and wide! I pray that someday Napro is the norm.

  4. I've called the local imaging center, who sets up an ultrasound once I fax over PPVI's requisition. The imaging center then faxes the results to PPVI and mails a disc to them as well. I don't have an RE that I go to for it.
    You might try your hospital instead of an RE.
    Gender selection ... I'm just shaking my head in disbelief. UGH!