Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Catholic in My Family

No, no, its not the happy news I wanted, but its happy nonetheless.

My sister and her husband are being baptized and received into the Catholic church!  Like this Saturday!!  OMG I cannot believe it.  I had no idea.  She called me today and asked me what I was doing for Easter.  I told her I didn't know, we have a friend with a birthday party and of course Easter at our parents.  I asked her what she was doing and her first words were "Well its funny you should ask".  My heart starts racing because of course my first though...OMG she's pregnant* (because that's what I do)!   But no, she tells me they are getting baptized and asked us if we would come.  She's been going to RCIA with her husband (he only has to do confession and receive first communion as he was baptized Greek Orthodox.  she like me was raised mor.mon and has to do everything.) and hadn't told me or my parents or ANYONE!

My parents still don't know.  I believe they may have a coronary.  Two daughters have up and left the Mor.mon church for the Catholic church.  Who would've ever thought?!?!  My mom tried her hardest to drill in the "Catholic church is the great and abominable".  I guess it didn't sink in!

This is where I get a little disappointed and frustrated, but try to reign it in for the bigger picture.  She has an IUD with no plans to remove it.  *Her and her DH do not want  I told her "you know the Catholic church doesn't do birth control, right?"  She said something snarky, which I won't post, needless to say they are no where close to changing their contraceptive ways.  I have thought about starting a Novena to St. Jude as I think this is a hopeless case, but I want to pray for her anyway.

Any ideas on how to handle that situation, or should I shut up and let them handle it with God?


  1. What great news about your sister and BIL!

    Perhaps in a little while you can tell them about Napro and how to avoid pregnancy without an IUD. Prayers to St Jude can't hurt either!

  2. That's great news!! Hopefully their newfound faith will change their hearts. I agree with JB, introduce them to NFP...and pray pray pray!

  3. That's fantastic! I agree that prayer is really the best way, and I'll say a prayer that you get a good opening to share as JB and Hebrews have mentioned. The grace of baptism can go a long ways, too!

  4. Wonderful! As to the IUD, etc., you may want to gently send her this, assuming she is pro-life on the abortion issue:

    But mostly, pray and set a good, holy example. Loving her all the way. :)

  5. How wonderful! Congrats to your sister and her hubby!
    Like the others have said ... pray and show by example. Its hard to do, I'm sure, but hopefully she will change her mind. Praying for her!