Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Dreams Are Making Me Crazy

I have had two baby dreams over the last week.

The first one, I was pregnant and admitted to the hospital for delivery.  I remember having a fight with the nurse about being trapped in the bed by monitors, and that I wasn't going to do it.  I told her no way.  Then we bargained down to 5 minutes of monitoring every hour.  I remember being told I was having a girl and my husband and I agreed on Elizabeth Shayna as a name. I remember being excited, but also not "feeling" pregnant.  Apparently, I was pregnant, but not in labor because they sent me on my way.  My husband was having a fight with the billing department while I was wondering around the hospital.  Then I woke up...weird!

The second one was Saturday night.  I was in the hospital, in labor this time.  My husband, parents and sisters were there.  The longer my dream went on, I think the hospital morphed into a home.  I remember squatting or being on my knees because it was the only comfortable position.  Then I remember telling my dad "I used to think mom was being a wuss when she said standing up was painful because it felt the baby was going to fall out, but now I know she was right".  I remember it being painful and my mom commenting I must be getting close because I sounded like I was in pain.  The only person in the room with me was my dad and he was just hanging out on the couch.  I had the baby, then yelled at my mom (in the other room) to get the doctor.  Then I started hollering at my husband to come in.  He was outside walking the dog.  Who does that/!?!?!?!?  OMG LOL!  The baby was a girl and she was big. We named her the name we want to use for any future girl we actually have.  I remember being instantly in love.  My DH was holding her and my mom and sister come into the room holding bottles of sugar water (they used to give it to babies all the time).  I had a complete melt down and yelled at them not to put any kind of nipple into the babies mouth, I was going to breastfeed.  I was not successful.  So 30 minutes after giving birth, I went to the store to get a nipple shield, thinking that would fix my problems.  I ended up at my aunts house who had a pharmacy in her living room (who knew?!).  Got what I needed and then woke up.

I would like to think these are signs of good things to come, but I think its just obsession.  Oh, I would love for either one of those to be real (except for the part of giving birth in front of my dad, while my husband is walking the dog).


  1. What great dreams! I hope and pray that your dreams come true soon!

  2. I hope it's an indication of things to come! (Except for the part about giving birth in front of your dad).

  3. LOL! I had to laugh ... I hope your dad isn't in the dreams in the way you dreamed them. :-) But I hope and PRAY that the baby girl you dreamed about is coming true soon!!! I think dreams mean something.