Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy *Updated with results*

I've been working a lot of overtime trying to get my office (ok, cubicle) moved. I didn't realize how much crap I actually had.

My husband had knee surgery today. He'd been having problems but with a X-rays and MRIs they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Well he took a little tumble down the stairs on Monday and had it. His doctor would go in arthroscopically to see what was going on. Well he had a torn miniscus, his knee cap was not smooth and he has a "hole in his bone". He has to use crutches for a month! No weight bearing at all. It's his right knee, so he can't drive. I'm having to take so much time off work, I wonder how I will ever catch up.

I feel so bad for him. I know it hurts (i had my ACL/MCL blown a few years ago). He's a big guy (6'1" and about 270lbs), watching him use crutches is pitiful.

I got all my test results from the RE. I failed my 3 hour glucose test spectacularly. I mean SERIOUSLY FAILED. I am 12 points away from being classified as a diabetic. SCARY! My testosterone is 44 = HIGH! Very HIGH! My TSH was high. My ACTH (adrenal test I believe) was through the roof. Normal is 2-27 mine was 54. No wonder I feel like shit! I need help from all you adrenal people!! I had the Cotrosyn and the Dexamethazone tests, but am still waiting for results. What is wrong with me?!?!

I was told low/no carb diet again. This time it suck in..because for crying out loud I do not want to be a diabetic. It runs in my family, I've seen what it can do, and it ain't pretty!

So between work, my poor hubby and my own stuff, it's been a sucky week. I don't think I'm ever going to dig out of the back log.

I am soo happy about all the adoption news and BFPs!! It is all so exciting!! God bless our prayer buddies!

Below are the tests and results...

Glucose Tolerance Test:
Fasting - 86
1 Hr - 188 (200 is the cut off for diabetes)
2 Hr - 172
3 Hr - 95

Insulin Response to Glucose Tolerance Test:
Fasting - 14
1 Hr - 131 (normal range 8-112)
2 Hr - 331 (normal range 5-55)
3 Hr - 154 (normal range 3-20)

Vitamind D
21ng/ml (normal 30-100)


T4, Free

T3, Total

ACTH, Plasma
52 (normal 5-27)

44 (normal 2-45)

Hydroxyprogesterone (i have no idea what this is)
48 (normal 285 or less for luteal phase)

C-Reactive Protein
1.48 (normal should be less than .80)

HPV - positive (the kind that causes cerivcal cancer, not herpes)

2.9 (normal 1.5 - 9.1 for luteal phase)



  1. So... What were your numbers??? TSH, blood sugar, etc! We've all been there, heck... I still am there! What did he suggest for all the numbers? Meds, treatments, etc.? I'm very very nosy tonight! :)

    So sorry about your dh's knee! No fun at all!

  2. As far as meds, I'm on 1500 Metformin XR, Synthroid 100 mcgs and 50,000 of Vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks. Vit D will be rechecked at 8 weeks and dosage will be adjusted. Other than that...nothing.

  3. Thanks! Just starting the meds?? Track your symptoms... Especially the thyroid! And demand frequent labs... A good way to know if the meds (especially synthroid) are working... But tracking symptoms will help too... Sometimes even more than the labs! Sew and Barbie are the experts on this topic. Ever had that tsh tested before? Was it high? For me, my md had tested it over and over the last few years. It was always "normal" but it was soooo high! The lab just never flagged it as high. Gerrrr. I had no clue! Now 6 years ago... TSH was really normal. Now it's all crazy!

  4. I will pray that those numbers get back in line!!

  5. Holy shat! You are so hypo it isn't even funny....Girl how do you get out of BED!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay that vitamin D needs to come up. Go to the store and get D3 and take 20,000 units a day for a couple of weeks. (50,000 units once a week is hard to keep up with) Then knock it down between 5,000-10,000 units. Then you will need to get your leves retested. Do not take any D3 the day of testing.... :)

    That synthroid ain't doing anything for you...Did you just start it?

    What are the ranges fo the Free T3 & Free T4?

  6. I have been on Synthroid for about 3 years, but about a month before this test, I ran out and had no re-fills! I know, I know I'm a bad patient. So I quit the Metformin while I was at it. Figured I would just get baseline results and that's what those are.

    Sew - the sad thing is, I feel the same whether I'm on the Synthroid or not. Crummy. I still can't get out of bed in the morning. The only reason I do, is because I know I have to.

    The ranges for the T4 and T3 are:
    T4, Free - 1.2 (normal .8 - 1.8)
    T3, Total - 108 (normal 76-181)

    So within normal as far as I can tell

  7. I'm not well-versed in all things thyroid (thank God for the girls in blog-land that are!), but I'm still praying that everything gets sorted out!

  8. Girl... You need some new thyroid meds! If you've been on it for three years... And that's your tsh... It's time to change it up! ;) What was your last tsh?? Praying for you!

    I want your tsh levels too jelly belly! I know you don't have them yet... But I'm all into tsh levels! :)

  9. I will pray that Drs. Sew and Jellybelly can get you all fixed up! :) Hope your DH is feeling better soon too.