Saturday, July 31, 2010


I don't ovulate. Isn't that wonderful! [insert sarcasm]. ARG!

I had my first internal ultrasound yesterday. I learned I have a cyst "beside" my cervix. Whatever that means? I have two ovaries that like to hide. I thought she was going to stick the probe out of my side trying to find one of them. One of those pesky little guys is sitting on top of my uterus? WTH?

And the best part...I was on CD13 (according to them, CD 14 according to me), have BEAUTIFUL mucus and NO FOLLICLES?!?!?! Not a one. Bummer!

I have an appointment Monday to go over all my test results for everything I've had done for the last 6 weeks. It should be exciting!

In other non-IF news, I took yesterday off from work and it was soo nice! Our entire office is moving from one floor of our building to another. I have so much stuff, it was unstinkin' believable. The packing up is all done, the movers are moving as we speak, and unpacking starts Monday. I'm still mad I have to be in a cubicle instead of an office, but at least it's a WAY bigger cube. Stupid cubes!

I'm not doing so good with my diet. I keep going up and down, up and down and never actually getting anywhere. I need a lot more will power...does anyone have any to share? :)


  1. WTH??? Mucus but no follicles on CD14?? Grrrrrr!!!!

    I hope you get some treatment/answers QUICK. This is ridiculous!

  2. BTDT. Hate it for you. I hope you get some answers.

  3. Ugh, I am so sorry!! I hope your answers come soon.