Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Decisions Decisions and Prayer Buddy

I’ve seen a few people post things they wanted their prayer buddy to pray specifically for. I’ve got one (or 100). I want to know what to do with myself. I’m 30 and at a self-proclaimed cross road. What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Here are the different routes…

1) The company I work for has almost 100% tuition reimbursement. Of course, you have to choose a major that will benefit them (it’s a chemical company). I’ve been a paralegal for years. I’ve been doing intellectual property (patents, trademarks, etc) for 8 years. I’ve been told I would make a great lawyer. That I need to go to school, get an undergrad in business (or chemistry) and then go to law school. It’s a great opportunity, but I don’t know that I WANT to do it. OH, and there’s a 5 year contract to sign.

2) I want to do something in the medical field. I know completely way off from what I’m doing now. I LOVE everything medical. The early part of last year, I was planning to start school in January 2010 (I have to start from the very beginning, I have NO college credits.) to become a nurse. Then came the affair and moving and the plans went out the window. The problem with it, how do I make this happen logistically. My husband can’t make enough money to support us. I know nursing is a full time college career.

3) Keep on keeping on. Stay where I am with what I'm doing...focus on making a baby and just figure out how to be happy with how life is.

What do I do?!?! Now I know myself pretty well. And I’m not content with a whole lot of things. I’m a “grass is greener” person. I always want what I can’t have and I get bored VERY easily. I’m not exactly happy with my job, but I get paid well. The company takes pretty good care of it’s employees (health insurance, bonuses, etc). I’m terrified if I leave this to pursue a nursing career, in a year I’ll hate it…then what?

If I stay here, take the lawyer route, who knows? Am I cut out for corporate America?

What to do, what to do? Any suggestions? So prayer buddy, this is my request….clarity. I would love a flashing sign from the heavens, but that ain’t going to happen, so I’ll take something, anything to let me know which way I should go. Is the easier road the best option? I would make a good attorney (I think) and with tuition reimbursement, who can complain…but is it what I WANT to do?!?

AHHHHHH Dear Lord Help Me. This is why I never went to college. Too many choices, the next one always better than the first. I could never make up my mind. The other quirk about me is…I tend to make decisions harder than they have to be.

I need to learn contentment too, I believe. Why can’t I just be happy with what I am and what I have?

And work a baby into either of the situations above. Because one or another…we’re having a baby!!! (I’ll need all the prayers I can get for this plan too!)

Oh, I also wanted to mention how exicted I am for prayer buddies..summer edition. I'm also super excited for the girl I get to pray for. Did I mention it's exciting?! There are always great things that follow!


  1. I say, do what you love! Life is too short to do something you don't love, just because it's a better deal. If you can figure it out logistically, I say go for the nursing career. Nurses are so needed, and I remember how great mine were at CUMC!! I heart nurses! Is there a college nearby that might be able to do night classes or distance classes so you can fit it into your schedule?

  2. I agree with Hebrews, do what you love! Nursing is a great job to have, I'm scared of blood so not for me, but I know lots of people who have gone into the medical field, and they love it.

  3. Another angle to look at it may be around what jobs are in demand in your area. Usually nurses are needed everywhere and since you live in FL (right), I can only imagine with the aging population there is a lot of opportunity for nurses. So that might be one of thinking about it - yes, going to school to be a nurse would require an upfront investment, but if you are practically guaranteed a job at the end and a steady income, that might be a factor to consider. On the other hand - could you go ahead and do the lawyer gig - getting reimbursed via the company and maybe try a medical thing on the side? I am not sure if you are charting Creighton (for some reason I thought you might be), but they have these fertility consultants and I think that is just part-time - as much as you want to do - and you do get paid. Sorry if this is more muddled than you were hoping for. I hope you discernment is blessed!

  4. I too am super excited about prayer buddies, I have never done it before and feel honored to pray for someone and have someone pray for me. LEt's pray for some more prayer buddy miracles to happen this go round!

  5. I feel the same about prayer buddies!! Such a joy and an honor! It's humbling!

    I will pray for you and for clarity....