Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prayer Buddy Reveal

Praying for this young lady was an honor. I prayed for Shannon at (I am not smart enough to hyperlink!)

She is an amazingly faithful woman (and not to mention, beautiful). She loves her faith and her God. I've been reading her blog for a year or more, long before I was a blogger myself. I believe she's want any woman would want in a friend.

I prayed for her daily (well almost daily). Sorry! I tried, really! :) I offered up pain from an HSG and anxiousness from my husband's surgery. She sure kept me busy with all the traveling, becoming certified as a speech-language pathologist, moving, trying to find a new job, a prospective new guy and her vocation she's so ready to start. She's been a busy woman.

Shannon may God bless you!


  1. Thanks!! My husband saw what it looked like and was apalled! HA! Figured I should spruce it up a little. Maybe motivate myself to blog more. :)

  2. you're so sweet!!!! LOVE your new background... I LOVE LOVE LOVE polkadots.
    You sure had the prayers going and they worked!!!! THANK YOU!

  3. Ha, I guess husbands don't really "get" the whole polka dot thing. But it's divine!

    Oh, and your comment on my blog was hilarious!!!