Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We have SPERM!!!

We had a first SA done today and we have sperm!!!  Thank you God!  I am so happy!!!!  It could have gone either way with DH's low testosterone issues.  I am so relieved. :)

We had the SA done at our new RE's office (after sex at home with collection condom).  He called us with the results at 7:00pm.  He was on his way home, but said the count was about 14 million motile sperm (not great, but not bad either).  He is now on 4000ius of HCG weekly and it should help his count. We have to do a re-test in about 3 months.

When the doctor called, he started off with "we'd have the most success with insemination with that kind of count" but as soon as I said we're not up for insemination, he said "ok, I know every couple is different".  I almost fell out!  Then we started talking about what to do about it.  He wants to do a cycle of clomid with ovulation monitoring and a HCG trigger shot.  He is really concerned with our timing.  Apparently, the fewer sperm you have, the more timing is important.

He did mention a few other things, like tube blockages and endo, but wants to try clomid first.  He thinks my tube blockage was the sphincter muscle locking up and not a true blockage.

I'm excited to start moving in some direction!  I'm still working with my NaPro doctor as my new RE doesn't see the need for post peak HCG...and  And I love NaPro so I don't want to leave it.


  1. hip hip hooray! Is dh on testosterone replacement? Mine is too. We need to redo SA now that he is doing hcg and tesosterone.

  2. Hooray for great results!! So glad to hear it!

  3. Wonderful!! Way to be proactive, I love it!
    (And congratulate C for me on actually using that collection kit... slightly less than sexy, eh??)

  4. Hooray!!!!! That is great news!!!!!
    I can't wait to hear about how successful your next cycles are ... BFP, here you come!

  5. Woohoo! p.s. I am always reading, just on my phone so I can't comment. Thanks for your comments on my blog!

  6. Good news! Keeping you close in prayer!