Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Medicated Cycle

Stupid AF appeared like I knew she would on Friday afternoon.  My new RE wanted me to call their office when I started.  I didn't start until 4:30pm Friday and their office closed at 4:00pm.  Dang it!!!

So I called Monday morning knowing they usually start meds like Clomid & Letrozole on CD3 .  He put me on Letrozole 2.5mg twice a day, CD3-8 (although really CD 4-9 for me).  I go in for an ultrasound on Wednesday to check the ol' follies.  Hopefully we've got something good cooking in there!! :)

I'm putting a lot of hope in this first medicated cycle.  More than I know I should.  Statistically, I know it takes a few months for these types of drugs to work (typically), if they ever do...but positive energy can't hurt right?!?!

So far I haven't experienced any side effects from the Letrozole.  Thank God.  I am curious to see what happens with my mucus though.  I'll start taking Mucinex in the next few days just in case.

I'm already dreading the TWW.  It's going to be the longest of my life!


  1. Good luck this cycle! I hope the Letrozole does good things for you! Doesn't it always happen that way- AF on Friday evening and the office is closed until Monday?! I take lots of Mucinex every cycle- I have bad mucus cycles anyway and I know Femara doesn't help. I hope this isn't the case for you.

  2. Good luck! Praying for good things for you during this medicated cycle! Glad you are not feeling side effects. FertileCM is another great thing to take to enhance mucus.

  3. Praying that this new cycle brings about lots of hope and positive things!

  4. Letrozole is so much easier on the system than evil Clomid (although this cycle wasn't do bad for me).

    Good luck!!!!!

  5. Good luck!!! I have great hope for you and will keep you in prayer!
    Fertile CM, Fertile Aid, B6 (500 mg sustained release), Mucinex & Amoxicillan are all what I take to have (barely) visible mucus. The Amox helps me the most.