Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Trip to NYC...HELP!

I leave for NYC on Sunday (20th) and my husband and I are both a nervous wreck! What was I thinking when I booked this trip?!?! I'm going up for a training seminar at the Ya.le Cl.ub. It sounded fun a month ago when I booked it and now I'm scared. Hearing bad things from muggings to bedbugs aren't helping any!! I wish my husband could go with me, but I don't want to pay for his last minute ticket.

Any tips?

In TTC news, WE ARE BACK ON THE BANDWAGON! I'm so excited to start trying again. I'm on CD9 and should be ovulating before I leave for NYC. I'm down about 40 pounds since surgery and about 50-60 pounds from my first RE appointment. I know I'll have time to lose more weight before we conceive, because who actually gets pregnant the first try (after you've already tried the for 2 years) anyways.

We've had a new development in my husband's hormone problem. He has a "nodule" on his pituitary gland. We are not sure what it's doing right now. He had about 10 viles of blood drawn a week or so ago and we go back to the doctor on Wednesday to find out the results. It could be affecting anything and everything. I hope it's the reason behind his severly low testosterone, because at that point at least we have a cause. All we have right now is really low LH and FSH caushing it. But WHY?

I'm sorry I'm a bad bad blogger. I didn't even participate in prayer buddies because I didn't want to curse the person praying for me to try and figure out what to pray for. I also didn't want to curse whoever I who got assigned to pray for with having a crappy ass prayer buddy! :) I've been struggling lately, but I have gone back to church which is a step in the right direction. Why I stopped going in the first place deserves a whole post of its own. I think I finally figured it out.

I read all your blogs and try to comment often. I think of ya'll all the time and do get a prayer in here and there for you guys too!


  1. Wow, that is some really great weight loss! Good for you!! I hope they get it all straightened out with your DH soon, and get you the answers you need.

    Good luck on your trip!! You will do just fine. :)

  2. NYC is AWESOME!!!
    Don't listen to the crap - it's SO much fun, a delightful, fun, CLEAN city.
    Very safe, too.
    I have been all over NYC and have never once felt unsafe.
    But yeah, check the mattress for bedbugs. LOL.

  3. Oh, you're probably back.