Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Cramps Batman - Come Diagnose Me

Today is CD1 and I have NEVER have cramps as bad as I do right now. I am sitting at my desk, hunched over wanting nothing more than to go home.

I try not to be a hypochondriac, but it seems most of the IF girls have endo. I'm just wondering what the symptoms were...other than serious cramps. I have had cramps for the last 4-5 days, with a little break yesterday, then BAM today they are back with a vengence. The thing that throws me off with my endo speculation, is I only bleed for 3 MAYBE 4 days, then it's just spotting through day 5 or 6. Day 2 is always the heaviest. I have continual cramps throughout (although CD1 and 2 are the worst). I also am cursed with bowel problems during this time. Constipation for a week until CD1 then the opposite problem. I never have mid-cycle bleeding.

So what's the diagnosis? Help!


  1. Sounds like endo to me! Before my surgeries I could barely function when AF was around. Have you asked your doctor about getting laparascopic surgery to have a look see?

  2. Ya, it sounds like endo to me too. I didn't have the awful cramps every month but when I did they were BAD. And they usually came the day before a new cycle began, the day of or the day after. And I don't think you have to have an unusually heavy period for it to be endo. I never did really.

    I hope you get it figured out!

  3. JB - I haven't mentioned much past pain after intercourse to my doctor.

    It feels soo weird to ASK for surgery! I'll go back to the RE in the next few months. I will mention it and see. Apparently, my RE is pretty well known for endo removal, so he must know something...right?

  4. Ask for the surgery and pronto!! I had all the symptoms and it took 17 years to diagnose!

  5. Definitely sounds like endo. I only had two-three days of bleeding, but I always had killer cramps. And more of a deep abdominal pain as well. And ALWAYS (before surgery 3) had bowel issues with AF (I did have it all over the bowel). I think adenomyosis is a bigger cause of heavy bleeding than just endo (I had both).
    If you do surgery, I would look for an excision expert. Coming from someone who had surgery with two very experienced endo surgeons before FINALLY getting to an excision expert (CEC in Atlanta) - I wish I had just skipped straight to the experts.
    p.s. if you do have endo, the longer it goes untreated, the more damage can happen

  6. Sounds like it's worth checking out to me. I had cramps all the way down to my toes and bowel issues, too (I did have endo there, it turns out). I hope you get answers soon!!

  7. endo and low progesterone

    but seems to go hand and hand with thyroid and cortisol issues. ;)