Thursday, March 17, 2011

Support Group

After our crappy RE appointment yesterday morning, we went to a Catholic IF support group. It was amazing!! Women and even a few mew (the husbands even seemed to enjoy it!) sharing stories and giving each other hope.

I got contact information for a couple of Fertility Care Practitioners so I can start learning Creighton. I'm so excited and so is my husband. The first time I brought up NaPro and CrMS(?) he was less than impressed. He was even less enthused that Dr. H is in NE. But after the RE and his BC spill sent us running, he is completely on board.

There was a girl (a first timer to the group, like me) who was in complete tears. I've never met her, but she described herself as a devout Catholic. As we were going around the room introducing ourselves and explaining a little bit of our IF history, it came her turn and she shook her head...she wasn't ready. So I picked up next and explained about our doctor's appointment, etc. After everyone else had finished, they went back to her to ask her if she wanted to share. This time she did. She explained that we had the same RE and that because he was a doctor and he told her that IVF was the only way they would conceive, they did it. They've done at least 2-3 cycles of IVF. She did explain that her and her husband had prayed and had decided that God was a forgiving God and how bad could doing IVF be if this was the only way they could grow their family. She said she was so ashamed because my DH and I had the courage to walk out and she didn't. I felt so bad for her. You could tell the guilt was just eating her up. I think we all started crying.

Needless to say, I will be going back to this groups monthly meetings.


  1. How beautiful that you and your husband could be a witness for her. Perhaps this will help change her heart!

  2. I'm so glad you found this group!! I am so glad you were able to impact the woman, hopefully she will be changed and strengthened by this group. The sad truth is the so often people unknowingly trust doctors who are leading them astray. I did it too.

    I am SO excited that you are learning Creighton! Napro is the best thing that ever happened to me, except maybe being born and meeting my husband, haha. Dr. H is all the way here in Omaha, but let me tell you he is absolutely worth it. And you might be able to find another Napro doc who is closer to you. Many Napro docs train at PPVI and then start their own practices in other states.

    This is the beginning of something good for you my friend!!