Friday, March 18, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I spoke to my Creighton instructor yesterday and LOVE her! She's about an hour and a half away, but more friendlier than the two I spoke to in my city. I'm excited to start working with her. She is sending everything by mail for "introductory" session. YAY!!!

2. My husband is still freaking out about me going to NYC by myself on Sunday. I'm trying to convince him I will be fine (which I WILL). Poor hubby!

3. I found a NaPro doctor about 3 hours from here (there are 2 in Jax, but one is only for Naval personnel and the other hasn't come highly recommended). I heard it takes a while to get into see her. Can I call and get on the schedule now for 2-3 months away, so I can have 2 months of charts, or do I have to wait? Any ideas?

4. I finally feel like we are making progress in everything. Life, TTC, work, everything feels like its going much better. At the IF Group, they threw out some stat that if you practice NFP or Creighton, the rate of divorce drops from the usual 50% to something like 10% or 20%. Pretty significant!

5. I have posted everyday for 3 days now. That could be a record!! WHOO HOO!!

6. I am going to be in Bethesda, MA in April for a conference. My hubby is coming with me. Can anyone recommend some fun stuff for him to do? (I know there are a lot of bloggers in the DC area.) Anyone want to have dinner?!

7. I'm out of ideas. 7 is just too many. OH wait I have one. My 7 year anniversary was March 6. It feels like forever and not in a bad way!


  1. Is the Creighton Doc you are talking about Dr. Gramlich in St. Pete? If it is she is the one I have seen. She is awesome!!! The only thing you should know is that yes she is a doctor but as far as Napro she is only a consultant. She actually gave up her medical practice to stay home with her 4 children. With that being said, she can't do exams or surgeries but she can give you scripts for blood draws, and any medication you need. She can also get you hooked up with Dr. H if you decide you want to go to Omaha for anything.

    I made my appointment after only a month of charting but it still took another month to get in to see her. However, my charts were so terrible it was plainly obvious that something was way wrong. My Creighton instructor also helped with that because she knows Dr. G well and had used her herself.

    If I were you I would try to go ahead and get the appointment. She may do it since you already have a lot of info as to a diagnosis.

  2. I think you can def make an appt for the future so you can get in right away once you have the charting. I am so happy you found a teacher you like. p.s. My hubby would worry like crazy if I went to NY :)

  3. I'm so excited for you!! Seems like great things are happening!!

    I would try to get the appointment. The worst they can do is make you wait until the 2-3 months is up but I doubt they would do that. I think they may take you sooner.