Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Takes

1. I have to work tomorrow....YUCK!

2. The reason I have to work tomorrow: I do not have to work from Dec 17 - Jan 4th. So I can't really complain too much. That's what my company gets for "use it or lose it" vacation policy! BAWHAHAH

3. I am soo happy for all the new mommies in the blogosphere!!! All the new babies are beautiful!

4. My husband and I went to Savannah, GA earlier this week (for work) and got to sight see a little. We went to the Cathedral there and it was beautiful! I love going to Churches outside the norm.

5. I have an exam in January to be a "certified paralegal" and my studying skills SUCK!!! There's no way I'm going to pass. The only good news, I can take it again in May when I flunk it (notice I did say IF I flunk it)! SOOO NOT GOOD!

6. I love my husband, even though he's grumpy today! Maybe he should've fell asleep when I did at 7:00 last night. I LOVE me some sleep!!!

7. CD1 was Wednesday...BOOO! Getting pregnant would be a disaster right now with surgery scheduled for December 27th. But a welcome blessing still!

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