Monday, October 18, 2010

Ideas (totally not IF related)

I need some ideas. HELP! The company I work for is have a three week campaign to raise money for the Unit.ed Wa.y. I have the "wrap-up" party on the final day. I've picked out the location ( & Bus.ters) and the food. I need ideas for gifts/prizes to raffle off.

This is where the help part comes in :) What would you suggest I purchase (or get donated) to be raffled off.

Here are some things we already have:
Jacksonville Jaguars tickets
Airline tickets
Car rental vouchers

My ideas (smaller):
Starbucks gift card
Best Buy gift card & Bus.ter Power Play card

Thanks in advnace for any and all help!!!


  1. Visa gift cards or Amazon gift cards would be good too.

  2. Good bottles of wine usually go well. Restaurant vouchers. Maybe some stuff for the ladies like massages, pedicures, hair salon vouchers. Hubs and I used to love hotel vouchers too so we were "forced" to go on a weekend vaca. My hubs goes for ANYTHING golf related. Bicycles (the beachcomber kind) are always a hit too. Sometimes even a nice piece of furniture can start a bidding war! Best wishes!

  3. Gift certificates to really nice restaurants would go over well I'm sure! Maybe Ruth's Chris type places?
    I also second all of the other ideas! AWESOME!