Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prayer Requests

Please pray...

A friend's brother in law was involved in a very serious car accident. It took over an hour for him to be extricated from the car. Both of his femurs are broken. He face is also factured. They are keeping him in a medically induced coma. Fluid has started building in his lungs due to trauma and pnuemonia. He has also contracted MRSA. His blood pressure is through the roof at 200/100 plus. It is an hour by hour situation. He isn't even 30. It is sad.

The other is a man from the town I grew up in. He was electocuted and burned pretty bad. He works for the power company. He was in a boom, and he bumped into the power line and he grounded the circuit and electrocuted. (I'm not sure if I got all the electric lingo correct.) Everyone in the small town is pretty shaken up about it. No one ever thinks it will happen to someone they know. From what I hear, he is doing ok, but could use some prayers. They do not know about long term damage.

Thank you for any prayers you can spare.


  1. Oh, how sad. I will pray. A friend's husband just died yesterday from MRSA... he was a brilliant neurologist and it is so sad.

  2. wow! so very sad. Will pray for both and for their families.

  3. I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grade.

  4. I pray that me, my wife, and daughter will be reunited for the holidays and that there will be a restoration in our relationships. We also suffer in poverty so I pray God will answer in whatever way he sees fit. I also pray for the salvation of my wife (Riley) and daughter (Brielle). I have not held them in nearly 6 months and pray that my wife can love me again.