Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's that time again...

for prayer buddies! I'm so excited! I find it much easier to prayer for someone else. I always feel like a whiny petulant child when I pray for myself! HA!

I haven't been blogging much, no excuses, just no ambition I guess. I have these brilliant ideas floating around in my head, but I can never make them materialize. I have been reading and keeping up with everyone, like AYWH's new arrival!

Thanksgiving was great. I love being home with my family, but felt really guilty that my husband wasn't home with his. When he called his mom, they were both crying. My husband is the first child to move more than 10 minutes away. I'm surprised his parents still talk to me and don't hate me for dragging him across the country.

Black Friday was a good time as well. Myself and 2 of my 3 sisters went out shopping. We're not die hard stay up all night and start shopping at midnight people. We got up at 6:30am and got to the mall about 8:00am. Good bonding time. :)

Good news: my weight loss surgery was approved by insurance and should be scheduled soon! (I promise a post is coming on this, if for nothing else, to tell the story of meeting with a psychologist for the first time in my life)

Bad news: I am more baby hungry than ever, and my husband is even worse. I feel like a bad wife for not being able to give him a baby.

Updates on my last few posts:
My Uni.ted W.ay party went very well. We raffled off A LOT of good prizes and everyone had fun with their kids. All in all successful. OH and we raised over $100,000.00!!! Whoo hoo!

The guy that was electrocuted (see my prayer requests e-mail) is home and doing fine. He was burned pretty badly and lost a couple of toes, but is going to be ok.

My friends BIL that was in the car accident is still in the ICU and still in a medically induced coma. The worst day was the day I posted the prayer request. The family was told they should start preparing for his death. The "worst 24 hours ever" my friend told me, and then he started turning around. I know it was all the prayers being offered! He's still not out of the woods, but he is doing OK. It is still touch and go, but it is looking a little more positive every day.

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  1. Whoa, good news on lots of fronts!

    Although I am sorry that you are feeling worse about IF. :(

    I am so glad you are back on the scene!