Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dang Adrenals *UPDATE*

So I got 1 of the 2 blood test results regarding my adrenals today. We went to the RE today for my husband's results, but I got them to give me copies of results as well. They have not discussed the results with me. I got the Cortisol AM test results and boy am I out of whack!!! This is the test that I took the dexamethazone the night before.

Cortisol AM
.5 (normal 4.0 - 22.0)

WHOA! From what I can figure out with Dr. Google, it points to Addisons Disease. I have an appointment with the RE in a week or two. I am bothered that they didn't call and try to fix this right away. Obviously this is WRONG! Why are they waiting to try to fix it?!?!

My husband still has low testosterone...of course. We were hoping it would normalize. His was 166 (normal 500-1100). Poor guy. They gave him a perscription for HCG and he should be feeling much better soon. Apparently, he can stay on this long term and the doctor believes insurance will pay for it (as long as we don't mention trying to have a baby). So double YAY for that!

Apparently, the Dexamethasone they gave me the night before is supposed to supress the cortisol. After googling the test and the results, my results should have been less than 1.8. The normal ranges on the lab sheet are I can only assume, what should be normal without the Dexamethasone the night before. There is still a problem with my cortisol level being too high. This just crosses off Cushing Syndrome from the list. I am waiting on the ACTH. All this information is coming from me and doctor google. This is why pateints like me should NOT be given test results before they are explained by the doctor! I think I have a PhD...too bad Dr. Google doesn't count!!!


  1. I hope the hcg makes dh feel better and I am sorry to hear that your results are off. It will be interesting to hear what the doc does about them. It is always a mixed blessing when something turns up wrong, isn't it?

  2. holy.crapola. that needs immediate attention.

    Is his thyroid messed up too? Just wondering? Has he had an adrenal test?

  3. If RE doesn't get on this quickly you need to find a cortisol guru. It will be worth your money and time.

    I bet you feel like utter crap and the sad thing is that until you start to feel better you will not know just how badly you feel right now....I'm so sorry. I just want to hug you and tell you it's all going to be okay.

    No wonder you have so many thyroid issues.....Please keep us posted on this....

  4. the ACTH will tell you alot, also has your husbands thyroid been tested? My husband had quite low T and also had low thyroid and low adrenals......the HCG was GREAT. He was a new man! I hope it's the same for yours!

  5. I tagged you in a meme on my blog if you have the time and are up for it!!