Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meme: 10 Surprising Things

I was tagged by Shannon at

1. I love playing video games with my husband. My favorite are the Lego games (Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter). I'm a geek!

2. I used to get tonsilitis ALL THE TIME as a kid. The doctor would never remove them though.

3. I'm getting the Lap-Band. (there will be a whole post on this)

4. My highest cell phone bill ever was $800.00. Yes, that was one month!!

5. I'm opinionated. Very stinkin' opinionated.

6. I sucked two fingers on my right hand until I was 13. My poor mom tried EVERYTHING to get me to stop. She loved it when I was a baby, but hated it when I got older. The only reason I think I ever stopped is because I broke one of them playing softball in the 8th grade.

7. When I was 2, I almost got the toes on my rigth foot cut off by an escalator. I was barefoot at the Tampa International Airport.

8. I love college football...GO GATORS!!

9. My husband and I almost eloped. The only reason we didn't, is because I was the first to get married out of all my sisters. I didn't want to disappointment my parents.

10. My first car was a Ford Fairmont and it was BROWN. The thing was HIDEOUS. My second car was a Mercury Zephyr that looked just like the Fairmont. Apparently, the person who owned the Zephyr before me smoked weed. The second week I had it they had the drug dog at school. He alerted to my car. I was pulled out of class and they called my dad. Thank goodness my dad knew I was a good kid and told the cops we had just got the car!

I'm not going to tag anyone to do this fun little game. I think most people already have been. I think everyone should do it though!

God bless!!


  1. I've never seen this game but your responses are so cute! Gotta love first ugly cars! :)

  2. # 4 - I'm horrified. I don't think we can be friends.

    #8: It's offical. Now I know we can't be friends.


  3. $800????? Who did you call????????

  4. It wasn't just ME on the $800 cell phone bill. It is for 4 people, 2 of which are teenagers.

    Veri.zon has something called premium text messages. I have no idea what they are but they are EXPENSIVE! 4 people getting them, adds up quick. I FREAKED OUT! Veri.zon wouldn't reverse the charges, so I had to pay. Needless to say, those have since been blocked.

  5. These were fun! :) I'm opinionated too. haha