Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I hate needles

Truly I do. I am the hardest person to get blood from. I get it from my dad; my little sister has the same problem. I guess crappy veins runs in the family!

Anyhow, I FINALLY went in to get all the blood work the RE ordered and had the lovely 3 hr glucose test. I walked away looking like a drug addict. When they stick me, I don't end up with just a pink little dot...oh hell no, I have some big ol' bruises. Two on each hand, two in one elbow and one in the other elbow. OUCH!!!

Nothing else new to report. If we can track down some Dexamethasone from a pharmacy, I'll be getting stuck again in the morning. (it's to test for cushings syndrome)

I've been MIA because there's nothing else going on. My parents are on vacation in South Carolina visiting family...and I'm stuck at work. Yup, completely jealous.


  1. Eeek! You and I must be long lost relatives. My veins are just terrible! When Dr. G had me do a complete month blood panel (bloodwork every other day for a full cycle) I thought I was going to die and I for sure looked like a drug addict. When they could no longer get the blood from my hands and elbows they went to the underside of my wrists, my feet (OUCJ!), and threatened to take it from my neck. So I can certainly understand where you are coming from. :)

  2. You girls are making me cringe! I was gonna offer up the advice of "don't watch" but it sounds like there's a lot more to it than that...'sorry you're hurtin!

  3. I think having blood draws every other day would kill me...AHH!! Don't even want to think about it.

    Why can't they put a hep-lock in for us stubborn veined people?!?! I asked for one, and of course they said NO! Don't they know it would make their job and our arms a lot happier?! ESPECIALLY when they know they'll be drawing lots of blood over a period of hours or even days.

  4. Can you ask for a butterfly needle? It's what they use for kids and the needle is much finer.

    I used to hate blood draws, but after five years of IF and countless lab visits I'm used to it.

    Sorry that you have to go through these painful blood draws!

  5. That would suck! I hate needles in my butt. :(