Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I have a great dad. I didn't always think so as a teenager, but as an adult, I think he's amazing. He makes me laugh, teases me, punches me and is an over all disaster. ;) Happy Father's Day Pops!!

My husband is a great dad too. Today I am feeling guilty for dragging him across the country...away from his boys. They live in SLC, UT with their mom and we're in Florida. I know its hard for him. Somtimes I hate it. BUT it was best move for our marriage and myself that we moved here. I try to cut myself some slack, but today is a feeling guilty day for my husband. His oldest son just graduated high school and his youngest son will be a junior this year. I try to tell myself that they're at the age where they don't really need him, but a kid always needs their dad.

Hopefully this time next year, he'll have a little one here. Happy Father's Day Honey! I love you more than words.


  1. This is so sweet! I will pray that he will have a little one on the way by next year! :)

  2. sending prayers your way! Do your step son's get to visit often?
    My step son lives accross the country too, but it was his mother that moved him there, But it is still hard on both my DH and his son.