Tuesday, July 3, 2012


TTC is not for the weak of heart.  It's hard, trying and breaks your heart almost daily.  Mostly it sucks ass.

I am on my second cycle of Letrozole and I have a feeling AF is right around the corner.  I am supposed to POAS Friday, but I doubt I'll get that far.  I am at a crossroads and feel like I need to make a decision (or it could just be PMS).

I am being treated by an RE, but I have a NaPro doctor I keep updated on everything the RE is doing.  She fills in the gaps, if needed, but mostly she lest the RE do his thing. I feel like I'm being treated like a quick fix. Our RE is actually supportive of no IUIs and no IVF, but I don't feel like he's digging for the cause of why we're not pregnant.  My bloodwork is good, except for a little low progesterone and estrogen post peak (my NaPro doctor has me check it).  I am on Metformin because I didn't respond well to Letrozole without, although my blood sugar/insulin levels are within normal and I don't have polycystic ovaries.  According to an HCG, I do have one blocked tube, but they believe it was just the sphincter muscle locking up.

So my question is this: do I continue with what I'm doing (Letrozole, HCG trigger shot) and just be patient or do I have my NaPro doctor switch my treatment to Omaha and Dr. Hilgers?  She doesn't do things by the book, I've never had a full cycle blood draw, etc.  Our family is $1,500 away from our out of pocket maximum for the year.  It's very tempting to run to Omaha for surgery knowing that is all I would have to pay (that is if they take BCBS).

Surgery has been in the back of my mind since the HSG.  Always a nagging feeling.  I'm not sure if its God trying to get through my stubborn skull, or if its just my inpatience and insecurities that make me want to have my insides messed with.

I'm just confused, I like my RE and feel like I'm in good hands, but what happens in 3-6 months when the Letrozole isn't working?  What will he recommend?  Or is it going to be the same $400 per month for two ultrasounds and a trigger shot that takes 15 minutes?  I have no insurance coverage for treating infertility, but all the testing and diagnostics are covered.  Unless I wanted to do IVF and that's covered!!! STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Help me!


  1. PPVI does take BCBS, I just got a letter from them about accepting new providers and BCBS was one of them. I would say if you don't feel that your current treatment is locating and dealing with the source of the problem, then it might be a good idea to try another route. I'd recommend Dr H, but then again I'm biased. :)

  2. Yes, I recommend surgery as well. Although, I have yet to conceive I am a healthier person because of my multiple surgeries. You are in my prayers!

  3. I'm 110% for surgery! I paid it all out of pocket (and will continue to do so for another two years!) and it was so worth it. I just hope it results in a baby!!!

  4. Oh, this post makes me so sad. What a crazy system that pays for IVF but not ways to fix your health! :(
    I also vote for surgery.

  5. I also am leaning towards PPVI and surgery. Especially given that you would likely have much of it covered. Though, this is a personal decision that you and hubby have to discern, so don't let my opinion sway you too much ;)