Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Takes

1.  My husband is dragging me to see Linc.oln Vam.pire Kil.ler this weekend.  I know, I know you are all super jealous! GAG!

2.  I am on month two of Letro.zole.  I had two pretty little follicles yesterday, a 20mm and 21mm, one on each ovary.  They gave me a trigger shot and the doctor told me to "go home and get busy"!  Yes, those are the words my doctor spoke.  I laughed out loud.

3.  My hubby's birthday is in a couple of weeks.  I'm trying to think of something fun to do.  Its on a Sunday, so I have the day off.  He'll be 43 and is being a baby about I think I may take him to the Foun.tain of Youth in St. Augustine.  He's never been and I think its kind of funny!!!  Would you do it?

4.  I'm in a whiney "I want a baby" stage.  I need to suck it up.

5.  I'm also in a blog funk.  I am soo boring that I have nothing to post about.

6.  Although, my hubby and I have an amazing story...that took place in a Catholic book store, involving a deacon, prison and lots of hugs and tears.  One day I hope to share it with you.

7.  In a total non-catholic moment, I got sucked into the Fift.y Shade.s of Gr.ey series.  The story is actually really good (seeing the best in people, unconditional love, second chances, etc), but could use some scaling down on the raunchy bits.


  1. #3--haha, that's funny! That is something I would do, my hubby is a big baby about his birthdays too so I always give him a hard time. :) Haha, I am a bad wife!

  2. I laugh our loud everytime I see the Abraham Lincoln Vampire killer preview, it looks like it would be a bad B-movie. I'm amazed this is a movie in theaters.

  3. Your doctor has quite the sense of humour!

  4. You are so brave for going to the Vampire Killer movie. I just couldn't do it!
    Happy (early) Birthday to your hubby! Birthdays are hard over 30. No if's, and's or but's about it.
    I hope you are successful with #2. :-) Obey your doctor! :-)

  5. post the story!!!! My life is boring and I want to live vicariously :)