Thursday, May 24, 2012


I was bummed when AF arrived a couple of days ago.  I had hope, but realistically knew that getting pregnant on the first medicated cycle is unlikely.  So we trudge on.

I had my CD 3 ultrasound today.  They found a big ol' 3cm cyst (I think he said centimeter, but could've been millimeter).  He said it could effect my period.

This may be too much TMI, but I want to document all this stuff.  My periods go like this:

CD1 - CD2: medium flow
CD3: stops completely
CD4 - CD7: very light mostly just spotting

When the RE started to explain that this cyst is secreting hormones that are preventing me from releasing the lining of my uterus, it made sense.  But this is not unusual for me.  So was I ovulating every month but not shedding the lining?  Who knows.  He did say that if the lining isn't shed(ded?) properly, implantation would be nearly impossible even if we happen to conceive.

So this is what he decided to do: Ayges.tin (essentially progesterone) for 14 days.  Once I stop that, I should get a period with in 1-3 days.  I am to start Letro.zole on the 5th day after stopping the Ayges.tin and then having an follicle check.

I did read Ayges.tin can be used as birth control, which made me hesitant to use it, BUT chances are I'll be spotting the whole time anyway (i.e. NO SEX). lol

Anyone have experience with this?


  1. I don't have experience, but I hope the meds do the trick! That darn cyst...did he say anything about removing it, or will it just go away on its own? Praying for ya!

  2. He said it will go away. Thankfully!

  3. yeah i'm thinking it was 3 cm...3 mm would probably be too tiny to be worried about. that's interesting about implantation being impossible if the lining isn't shed all the way. I hope that helps restart things!

  4. I've had cysts before on Fem.ara where I have taken progesterone so they collapse in on themselves before I can take the next dose of Fem.ara the following month. I take 40 mg of Fem.ara on CD3, then on P+4 go in for an ultrasound, then on CD3 of the next cycle, have another ultrasound to make sure any large cysts are gone from the previous cycle so I can take Fem.ara that month.
    I'll bet you are getting very familiar with the ultrasound techs. :-)
    I hope this new med combo works! You're in my prayers.