Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chart Confusion

You would think that after almost a year, I would have this chart thing down.  Well....I don't.

Some of this will be repeat, but I need help!

CD4-9 - Letrozole (5mg)
CD12 - Follicle check (12 or 13mm on RIGHT ovary)
CD12-16 - Letrozole again (5mg) and start Metformin
CD16 - Follicle check different doc (26mm on LEFT ovary and HCG trigger shot 5000iu)

According to my Creighton chart it looks like peak day would have been yesterday CD19.  According to my BBT chart I ovulated on CD16.

So my questions are:

If I had the HCG shot on CD16, could peak day really be yesterday?  Wouldn't it be sooner?

Could I have ovulated BEFORE the trigger shot?  If so, what did that doctor see?  Corpus luteum maybe?

If I did ovulate from the right ovary before the trigger shot, could he have forced the left ovary to ovulate also?  My assumption is no, but thought I'd throw it out there.

When do I get my P+7 blood draw?!?!  Go with Creighton chart or temperature chart?



  1. Based on your mucus, I think your peak would have been CD 19 assuming you have had no fertile mucus after that.

    Since your temps for cd 17, 18 and 19 are borderline and as you had fertile mucus on all those days, I think you can manually override the ovulation day to cd 19. If you go to tuning/override page on FF and change the settings to Fertility Awareness, your ovulation day would change to 19.
    The HCG could have slightly increased your pre-ov temps from cd 17 onwards but the real spike is on cd 20. I would go with cd 19 as ovulation day. And from your mucus buildup, I don't think you would have ovulated before cd 16.

  2. Don't change your Peak Day. Peak is not synonymous with ovulation, it's just the best indicator in the absence of cyclical ultrasounds and labs.
    Get your Peak+7 labs drawn 7 days after the trigger.

    My best guess is you ovulated right after the trigger, same day. You probably were about to, anyway, and likely didn't "need" the shot, but it doesn't harm anything to take it when you did.

  3. I have no technical support- just prayers!

  4. My guess is CD 19. It's what BBL said above ... I agree with that. Bloodwork 7 days after CD19.
    Prayers going up! I hate when my cycles aren't easy to decipher.