Thursday, July 5, 2012

NaPro Consult

Thank goodness my NaPro doctor (Dr. G) can talk me off a cliff.  I was doubting the actions of my RE and feeling like I was being treated in an IVF mill.   Dr. G told me what he's doing is OK.  She would do things a little different (i.e. Letrozole all in one day instead of over 5, post peak blood work and ultrasound, etc), but overall she told me to let him do his thing.

I was getting discourage because I feel like he's just doing with me what he does with everyone else, not finding the root of what was wrong.   Dr. G said most RE is in the business of getting people pregnant not worrying about what the cause is.  Doesn't make me feel much better, but to know she's OK with his course of treatment help put my mind at ease.

Dr. G recommended no surgery right now (although would support me if I wanted it).  She said I have too many other things to figure out that could be causing my infertility.  I still have TEBB after a round of antibiotics a few months ago.  She told me I needed to rule out a food intolerance, infection or hormone imbalance (I can't remember what else).  

She thinks I may have had a LUFS cycle last month because of that big ol' cyst.  She told me not to take Ayges.tin anymore.  If I have a cysts in the future I should take progesterone 200mg IM injection.  

She also recommended Ammoxicilan, sustained release B6 (500mg nightly) and Mucin.ex (600mg twice daily) to help with peak type mucus.

She also asked if I was interested in LDN or T3.  I'm not sure about either of these.  She said she would e-mail some information to me about both and let me decide. She was hesitant to give me another pill, however I would take any number of pills to feel better!  How does everyone keep their pills straight?!

I'm glad I spoke with her.  She help me put things in perspective and let me know its not the end of the world.  And I'm almost certain that all of you who have been actively trying for way longer than me with medicated cycles want to punch me in the face. So, I will try to shut up and look at things realistically.  This failed cycle is not the end of the world, although I'm sure I'll have a good cry.


  1. I was on all three of those mucus enhancers, plus T3. It does get complicated to keep it all straight!

  2. More then likely you have thyroid issues....Wait I see in 07 you started synthroid for hypo. It doesn't go being treated now?

  3. You should see the pill sorter that I use! That's how I keep it straight!

    I'm on both T3 and LDN. Without them I would not feel normal at all. The LDN takes a while to work, but you will feel amazing on it!

  4. I still say get the surgery. :) (I had not too many symptoms, but then Stage III endo...) Glad you have such a good Napro doc. REs can be such a bummer.

  5. Yes to the combo of Amox, B6 and Mucinex!!!
    Also ... yes to T3 and LDN!!! I've been taking all of these meds, and although they haven't helped me get PG (I'm *so* special in this regard! LOL) ... they did help me physically/mentally too.
    I've been told to take progesterone for cysts ... they help them "deflate."
    You can do the pills ... just get a big ol' pill sorter and you're in business. :-)
    YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!