Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Words of Advice...DON'T TEST EARLY!

If and when you ever get the pleasure to take HCG shots for luteal phase defect (or PMS)...for the love of all thats holy...DO NOT TEST EARLY! I made the mistake and it SUCKS! I took 2000iu on Wednesday (P+9), by Monday, I was dying. I was P+14, and after googling and googling, me in my infinite wisdom decided "what's two days?" I saw that beautiful "pregnant" pop up in the little window of that test and smiled. I thought AWESOME...first medicated cycle and it worked. In the back of my mind, all I could hear was its two days early Beth...but I again fought it with "what's two days?!". Well apprently two days is EVERYTHING. Because today Wednesday (P+16) I saw "not pregnant" and CD1 showed up about 6 hours later! BOOO!!! Moral of the story...listen to your doctor and DO NOT test early!!! I don't know if it's suprising or not, but I'm actually OK. I was a little sad this morning, but really...did I expect it to work that fast?...NOPE! Did I always hope?...YEP! Oh well...there's always next month. The HCG kept my moods amazingly stable. There were no casualties and no tears. I did have the worst cramps pre CD1 I have ever had. For about the last 4-5 days I've had cramps and with the arrival of CD1 they are worse. I've taken 4 Ibuprofen and they numbed them a little. Not being pregnant sucks, but bleeding for 7 days and cramps, is just adding insult to injury! Now on to bigger and better things....this blogger did what her doctor told her and didn't test until P+17 and look what happened!!!! PREGNANT!! Also, happier things. We finally bought our plane tickets to go to Salt Lake City for Christmas. We're not going for the grandbaby's delivery in 3 weeks. I didn't want to go, but I did try and encourage DH to go, but he didn't want to either. So we decided to wait until Christmas and kill two birds with one stone. We'll be gone for two weeks and I'm so excited to finally take a vacation!! Other than a day or two here or there.


  1. That is a tough situation, but I am glad you are alright. Hcg can def be a change maker in a IF story, so I will pray that is the case for you (and soon!) And a little byproduct for me on it was a little belly fat melted away. No lie. It was nice to have a positive side effect from the meds :)

  2. I got my only false positive testing on P+15. So devastating!

    So glad that HCG helped! It's my happy drug!

  3. I love HCG but you are right, it makes the luteal phases super long! I almost always went to P+16 or 17, and once even 18 and got a negative test. HCG is great for the moods but it makes that 2ww even longer!! I am hopeful for you for next month though!!!

  4. Still one of the most devastating experiences of my life - testing false positive P+15, 6 days after my last hCG shot.

    I wish I had warned you! I'm so sorry that happened :(