Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IF Support Group & Gluten Free

Today was an IF support group meeting. Its a great group, that seems to be growing weekly. We cry, laugh and learn from each other. As much as I hate that we all suffer from IF, its so nice to get together with women who understand.

They had a Creighton instructor come in and give an overview for the people not already charting Creighton. But it was also good for the Creighton charters too. I think she may have convinced me to go gluten free...AHHH!! She was talking about Cortisol levels triggering high testosterone levels, insulin problems, feeling yucky, etc. I thought all those things equaled PCOS. She said yes in a way. So I asked her how/why. She explained to me (and I'm never going to be able to say this as nicely) but basically after years of abusing my body and my adrenal glands, they are saying I QUIT! It has something to do with immune issues and she said she encourages her clients to go gluten free. Removing a outside source of inflammation can help calm the adrenal glands. WHY didn't my RE tell me any of this?

Lord give me the strength to do this!!


  1. You can do it! I have PCOS and am 3 weeks into my "diet." I've cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar and the pounds are dropping. I also feel so much better. The thing that finally motivated me to do it was food intolerance testing, and testing moderately high for all 3 of those categories- meaning lots and lots of inflammation in my body. It takes a lot of self-control and label reading, but I already feel so much better- mentally and physically. Good luck!

  2. I think you'll feel a ton better, too. Have you considered doing a food panel for a more comprehensive "MTA-specific" idea of what other foods to avoid? I think it could be helpful. While I do feel that most people probably have some issues with dairy and gluten, I don't think everybody does, and I think there are other "offenders" out there wreaking havoc on individual bodies.


  3. You can do it!!!! I've been gluten free for a while now and it's totally doable. There are lots of gluten free products out on the market now. Udi's bread is the best! Pamela's cookies are good too :) I've found though that after a while, I feel better eating low grain diet and many gluten free products have rice in them. Check out these sights if you are interested:

    I love that instructor's description of what happens in your body with gluten, inflammation and adrenals.

    TCIE- What does MTA specific mean? I'm getting food sensitivity testing done right now and I want to make sure it's done right.

  4. Oh my! You can definitely do it!!!!!! Send me an e-mail if you want specific advice -- jellybelly_75 at yahoo dot com.

  5. I am about a week into cutting out gluten and dairy but I CAN'T CUT SUGAR! I have such a sweet tooth. Right now I am still severely limiting it, but oohh, I love sugar. My plan is to cut the first two right now and add the sugar later. I tried to do this before and didn't have my husband 100% on board but now he's down to "lose weight and tone up" and having his support that there will be no more 'junk food' and that the grocery bill will be higher is making a HUGE difference. I feel like we can really do it this time.

    Our surgery showed that inflammation really looks like its playing a role in our infertility and while its really hard to have the discipline to do this, of all the things that I've heard make a difference this does. And we might as well try it now so we'll know. Plus, I had a friend after 3 surgeries several years ago and 6 years of IF last January do this for a MONTH and get pregnant and is still pregnant. That was enough to sell it for me!
    Good luck deciding what to do! The hardest part for me was to have recipes to make so I knew what to eat and never got to the 'starving' level. Start small and you can do it!