Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Although this holiday is not nearly as bad for me as Mother's Day, it's still pretty rough. I don't think it's as bad because my husband is already a father and he LOVES being a dad. Although, he wants more children badly. And I want to give him more children.

So instead of dwelling on the fact that I probably won't be making him a father again anytime soon, I'm going to blab about my own dad. I love my dad. He can make me laugh unlike anyone else on the planet.

My superman dad, stopping a train...

We play off each other and sock the crap out of each other. I was his "boy". Weighing in at over 10lbs at birth and being (how do you say...) stocky, he treated me like a boy most of the time. I would go hunting and mud boggin'. I would work on cars with him and get dirty. At the age of 12, I probably could've built a car motor all by myself. Now I can barely remember to check the oil. HA!

My dad and me (4th birthday)...

My dad worked his butt off to support us. He raised 4 daughters for the most part, never making more than $12.00 an hour at his day job (although he had a garage in our backyard which also helped). I made more money at the age of 20, than my dad did at 40. To this day, I wonder HOW he did it. We never had the best of things, but we ALWAYS had what we NEEDED, went to the doctor and dentist, etc. I didn't want for anything (except maybe for a pair of Guess Jeans).

Family vacation to Minnesota...

My dad taught me that family comes first. There is NOTHING more important. He taught me to be generous. He would give anyone that needed it, the shirt of his back. I think most importantly, he taught me by example.

Love you Daddy!


  1. I find father's day a little easier, mainly because my relationship with my dad is so much better than the one I have with my mom.

    Your dad sounds like a great guy! What a fantastic example to read about!

  2. Hmm...that place looks VERY familiar! ;) I have been there numerous times! Great reflection of your dad, what a GUY!!!

  3. What a great Daddy you have! Loved reading about him and how hard he worked- very touching ;)

  4. So great to hear you have an AWESOME dad! You are a very lucky lady!