Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stupid PCOS!!!

I had my C-peptide levels checked again. It HASN'T CHANGED AT ALL! When it was first checked almost 2 months ago, it was 6.2 (normal .8-3.1). I started 500 mg of XR Metformin, upped to 1000, now on 1500. I had my levels checked on Thursday and it's exactly the same. WHAT GIVES?!?!?! How much of this stuff am I going to have to take for my body to stop making so much dadblasted insulin?!?!

The only info I can really find on it is for diabetes. Well I don't have diabetes. I AM BROKEN! WTH!?!?! All i can find on google is "In the pancreas, when insulin is made, it starts out as two fragments attached to each other by a connecting peptide called c-peptide. When this molecule comes out of the pancreas, two pieces split off the c-peptide, to form regular insulin, and the insulin and c-peptide exist separately. For each molecule of insulin made, a molecule of c-peptide is made, so that high insulin secretion by the pancreas is associated with high c peptide levels." More insulin, the more whacked out the hormones get, blah blah blah.

"High levels of C-peptide are also seen with insulinomas and may be seen with hypokalemia, pregnancy, Cushing's syndrome, and renal failure." Oh there's some good news!!!

Well it ain't pregnancy, i can tell you that. I was checked for Cushing's about 3 years ago...negative. I don't believe I'm in renal failure. I don't even know what hypokalemia is.



  1. A little bird told me that napro is really good at getting pcos under control! ;)

  2. Eeek! That sucks! I hope things get better. Sew's right...Napro is pretty good at these things. :)

  3. Oh...and I looked up hypokalemia because I was curious. It's when your potassium is too low.

  4. It took me 2-3 months of being on 1500 mg for my levels to start to balance and after a year, all levels are in normal range.

  5. I agree with Sew!! Get thee to a Napro Intro session pronto!!!

  6. This is my first time finding your blog, but I want to share with you my struggle with metformin! My body rejected the generic version, it was like I was taking sugar pills or something, so my doctor told me to take name brand and it works so much better for my body! It is a pain to get insurance to cover it, but they will!

    Hope this helps!