Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Takes

1   My husband and I headed to Our Lady of Le Leche again this weekend.  I wonder if we beg our Mother Mary enough if she'll give in like my momma does.  a/k/a give the kid whatever she wants to make her shut up!  Think it'll happen?!?!  No?  Ok, its wishful thinking :)

2  I started LDN on Tuesday night.  The only thing I know is: I'm tired!!  About 3:00 every afternoon, I could literally lay down and fall asleep. At my desk!

3  I start T3 soon (whenever I get it from Ku.bat).  I'm excited!  Maybe it will help with the 3:00 sleepies!  I am however not looking forward to the temping, pulse monitoring, etc.

4  My company is gearing up to get ready to raise money for our Un.ited Wa.y campaign we do every year. I love planning fundraising games and parties.  It makes my job as a paralegal seem BORING!  I love the volunteering gives me warm fuzzies! :)

5  Funny husband was feeling frisky last night (anyone who deals with low testosterone knows this is an unexpected occurrence).  So I was like...whoo hoo...yeah baby!!  I was being a smart as this morning and said "thanks for last night babe!"  He had know idea what I was talking about!!!!!!!  He had taken his A.mbien and had no idea.  He'd forgotten the whole thing!!!  I've heard of sleep walking and sleep eating....but never sleep sex! You either?  You have now!!!

6  My husband will kill me if he reads this blog and sees that ^ !!!

7  Blogging at work and its 5:00.....I'm blowing this popsicle stand!  Bye!!!


  1. #3--The temps and pulses are a giant pain, I'll be honest. But I felt a lot better on the T3.

    #5--Hilarious! That's a nice "side effect" of ambien I guess! ;)

  2. T3 changed my life for the better! It was worth taking temps and pulses and having to watch the clock. I hope you feel good on it too!

  3. #1 .. Lol!!!
    I hope the T3 will help kick the drowsiness. I didn't feel a big change, but I'm hoping you will. :-)
    When my husband takes NyQuil, he forgets. I'd better keep him away from Ambien!! :-)