Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Quick Takes

1 - I will start off with a bang...I POAS this morning.  BFN.  Great way to start a long weekend.  BOOOO!!!!

2 - Since I got a BFN, I am going to be asking my RE to do the ol' chop chop on my girly parts.  I know he's not a NaPro doc but he would be able to spot if my stuff isn't in the right place and some endo.  If he spots anything, I'll start planning a trip to Omaha.

3 - I am so tired of policitcs!  Yes, I am one of those people!

4 - I started my max dose of T3 (22.5mcg) today after titrating for the last three weeks.  I'm feeling pretty good!  My temps and pulse are a little higher, but nothing out of range.  I am actually considered "normal" now.

5 - I finally wrote out the story regarding the Deacon at the Catholic book store I mentioned a month or two (hell maybe even three) months ago.   I hope to post soon.

6 - I believe a friend of mine either has a gluten intolerance or candida overgrowth, maybe both.  I told her about the GAPS diet and the paleo diet.  Is there anything else I should give her a heads up about?

7 - Work is crazy busy! Beth, stop blogging and work!!!!

God bless!


  1. UGH to the BFN!!!!! Totally, Utterly SUCKS! :-(
    I agree, I'm tired of politics too. I haven't watched the news in a long time. It helps my attitude stay positive. :-)
    Hooray for feeling so good on T3! I need to start taking it again ... you're motivating me to do that.

  2. Yay for surgery on the lady parts. Sorry about your BFN. GAPS/paleo diet great idea - the endo diet is also on that same wavelength (endo and candida linked)