Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I know you’re not supposed to complain….

about fasting and Lenten sacrifices, but OMGosh I am dying!!!  I gave up Face.book and Diet Coke for lent.  I could live with or without FB, but I do feel like I’m missing out on so much news!

But Diet Coke, my dear sweet, yummy, chemical filled, Diet Coke, I would kill someone for you.  I drink Diet Coke A LOT, like from the moment I get up until I get ready for bed.  I drink lots of water too (and obviously pee a lot!! LOL).   I feel like the song Red Solo Cup….Diet Coke you are my friend!

My name is Beth and I’m an addict.  Admission is the first step right?!?!  It’s depressing!!  I have realized it is a good thing, I don’t like alcohol the way I like soda!  It would be BAAADDDD!!!  Seriously, I would have to be in AA 5-7 days a week! J

Since quitting the sauce last Wed ;-)   I have had almost DAILY headaches and I assume the two are related.  I know it’s bad for you, so I hope after 40 days, I will no longer crave it.  But today, that is NOT the case!  But I will be strong!!   I, I will Survive!!

On a totally unrelated topic, I am on CD 14 and had the crappiest mucus ever!!  Usually by now I’m 3-5 days into my mucus cycle with 10CKL or 10KL, but noooooo, I’m dealing with 6GC and 6B.   I don’t even know how to chart the gummy gluey stretchy crap that is coming out of me!

Thanks for the welcome back after my 5 month long hiatus.  I have missed you guys!


  1. Just "accidentally" found your blog (thank you,Leila) and...the Diet Coke thing? I totally feel your pain...massive headache here too. Praying for you! You can do this!!!

  2. First- welcome back!!! I'm in the midst of an epic fail at what I'm giving up for Lent so I completely understand the temptation. At least your not giving in!! It will get better. Hope your headache is better today!

  3. Maybe you can have some green tea to combat the caffeine withdrawal? I do love the diet Coke (which I discovered when I was diagnosed with insulin resistance). I gave up Starbucks and every time I drive by one my mouth waters, but I haven't stopped!

  4. I hear you!! I often refer to diet coke as "the elixir of life." DH makes fun of me b/c I can tell the difference between can, bottle and fountain coke. I even rate different restaurants on the quality of their fountain coke. :) (McDonalds is the best, even though I hate everything else from McDs). I don't think I could ever give it up for lent!! I gave up all caffeine cold turkey a few weeks before conceiving, and it was SO HARD. Caffeine free diet coke is so, so not the same. Even now I still sneak little bits here and there (keeping it in a safe amount of course). You and I are diet coke twins! I totally relate to your love of it. :) I am in awe that you gave it up for lent! You must have a willpower of steel!!!!

  5. Good for you for giving up pop! I hope your headaches are gone, as it's been awhile since your post ... I'm late reading!
    Love the Diet Coke / Red Solo Cup comparison! I'm singing that in my head now. Lol