Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Takes

1. I am supposed to take a "Certified Paralegal" exam this month. I am soo not ready!! My boss really wants me to take it, so I will, but I'm not going to pass the whole thing. The only plus side is...I only have to retake the portions I fail. And fail I will! Legal research....bleh!

2. A really good friend of mine is having her 28th birthday party tomorrow and she's renting a really big blow up waterslide! How fun! I wonder how alcohol and water fun will mix?! This isn't the exact slide, but it's close.

3. I'm sad I'm not going to see my mom for Mother's day. The 2.5 hour drive home is a little much for one day. I hope she'll forgive me.

4. CD10 today. First sign a fertile CM. I have a question for all you Creighton charters. Am I supposed to have 10CK or 10 CLK more than once a day? The other times its a 6C or a 2 or 4. Hardly anything. I should scan in my chart, but can't today. Also, is peak day the LAST day of any kind of fertile CM or the BEST day of fertile CM. If it's the last day, I only had a 10 day LP (including 1 day of spotting). If its the BEST day, I had a 13 day LP with one day of spotting.

5. Hubby and I have been going to the beach almost EVERY weekend. It's wonderful! We love it! I was ALWAYS pale when we lived in Salt Lake City. My poor hubby didn't believe I could tan, but I CAN!! Finally!

6. While we were in Washington D.C. at the Basillica, I bought a book called Angels and Wonders True Stories of Heaven on Earth by Joan Wester Anderson. It's not completely Catholic, but its AMAZING! I want to do a whole post on this book, but haven't taken the time.

7. I can shop AT Old Navy! I have finally lost enough weight to shop in stores OTHER than Lane Bryant. I love it and so does my husband. He took me there the other day and picked out 2 new outfits for me (ALL BY HIMSELF!). One was a cute dress, the other a skirt and blouse. OH, and he also got me two pairs of sandals (which he also picked out). I HATE wearing dresses or skirts, but I love these outfits. I am re-thinking my whole hatred of all things girlie! HAHAHA! I am already planning my next shopping trip!

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