Monday, May 16, 2011

First Review

I had my first Creighton chart review (much later than it should have been) yesterday! I've already been charting for 1.5 cycles. Oh well, better late than never.

She told me she suspected I have low progesterone, because of the TEBB and PMS symptoms. I did learn we used the best day last week (the best type/quantity of fertile cm). Whoo hoo!

Here's my chart, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any additional input. I always love to play doctor...I konw you do too!!!

(the red pen, is the changes she requested I make)

I absolutely cannot wait for my appointment in July with my new NaPro doctor!


  1. Hey there...Nice to meet you.. I too have started Creighton recently. I have my first NaPro appt in June. Aren't we lucky that God has led us to NaPro thru all these blogs?
    Yeah, TEBB could indicate Low Progesterone.. I am sure experienced Creighton Bloggers can give you more inputs..

    I think I should share my first chart :)

  2. You have a lot of info already here and some good things and tons of insights!

    First on the 1st cycle you have a great mucus score. Almost perfect. Most people would love to have this. This is a very good sign. Also you have a good post peak phase of 12 days. You need to watch in coming cycles if its stable which is also a sign, .

    On the second cyle you also have a good mucus score. the only question I would have is really you can see K in a 6 c/k gummy. its quite small and K could be difficult to see.

    You have unusual bleeding on the start and middle of mucus buildup which can signal diff things such as estrogen breakthrough, polyps, etc

    on the tail end brown bleeding as your practitioiner states it can signal low progesterone and with PMS is very likely, but it also can mean other things such as thyroid or a low grade infection. Only testing can tell.

    Its really great you are charting, as you can see in only one and a half cycles you have very valuable info.

    If you like this stuff a great book to have is the Naprotech.nology revolution by Dr. Hilgers. Its a gem.

  3. No advice, but I'm so proud of you! Your chart looks great!

  4. Looks great! I'm jealous of all your white baby stickers! :) keep it up!!!