Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well I finally did it. I. Finally. Started. A. Blog. Holy cow!

My inspiration for starting this blog are all the wonderful Catholic Infertility Blogs I've come across. I need an outlet for my frustrations and rejoicing and for maybe just some plain ol' good fashion ranting. The blogs I have come across, like Sew Infertile, This Cross I Embrace, All You Who Hope, Grace In My Heart, etc are wonderful! Of course like so many other of us "new" bloggers, All You Who Hope was my gateway blog. Since that first "hit" I've been addicted to reading all the great blogs I mentioned below and many many others. I am so thankful for the blogs (people) I have found, even though NONE know I exist! HAHA! It's ok, I pray for them anyway and they have no idea who I am. I can always hope my little prayers did some good for at least one of them.

Ok, on to ME!! My name is Beth (I'm 30). I am married to C (who we will call Bubba, who is 40) he loves that name by the way. HA! You can tell from the name of my blog, we've had some interesting, difficult and rewarding times together (I promise I will fill in all the gaps in later posts). I have two stepsons (ages T is 17 and Z is 16). We live in Jacksonville, FL now, however we spent most of our married life out in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are fairly new to the Catholic faith, we were received into the Church 3 years ago. We were both raised LDS/Mormon.

Bubba and I have been married for a little over 6 years. We have been open to pregnancy for the whole time, never contracepting, but have really just started TTC over the last year/year and a half. I will post our TTC journey later.

I decided More Than Anything to be the title of my post for lots of reasons. I want More Than Anything to be a mother, to have unwavering faith, to be a good wife and daughter, and to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Not necessarily in that order. There are many many things I want More Than Anything! I only hope to choose the right things to want.

Let the fun begin!


  1. Welcome to the blogging community Beth! It literally saved me from depression after our 3rd m/c last month. I hope you will find much comfort and support here :)

  2. Welcome Beth! I look forward to reading. Congrats on entering the church not too long ago. I have a friend who was Mormon and just recently became Catholic- it's so interesting talking to her about it all.

    Now that I know you exist, you will be in my prayers. I just read your post after this one and I'm so sorry for all you and Bubba have been through.

    The girls in this community are so helpful so I'm sure you'll get lots of prayers, advice, and encouragement along the way!

  3. Welcome! Can't wait to read your posts! I'm pretty new to the blog world too and these ladies are fab!