Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Surgery Details

I had follicle check on Tuesday and went over the details from my surgery.  He said he found no endo, which is great, but I did have adhesions.  He said they didn't look like they were caused by an infection, but that they were congenital.  I have never heard of congenital adhesions.  Have you?

He said my left filopian tube was kind of pulled away from the ovary, so he fixed that.  He also said my ovaries sit "high".  I thought he meant like high into my chest when standing up.  But no, he meant high to my belly when laying down.  I don't have to have transvaginal ultrasounds anymore because its easier to see my ovaries with a traditional on the belly ultrasound.  It's great!  But I can't help but wonder my stuff is still in a wierd place.

He didn't seem too optimistic that having the surgery would improve our chances, except for the fact of putting my left ovary/tube closer together.  So we'll see.  Dye poured through both tubes, so they are open.

We did another round of letrozole this cycle (CD3-8).  I had two follicles, one on each side.  This is cycle 5, I believe, of letrozole.  How many can you do?  I haven't discussed this with my RE yet.  He's been SOOO GOOD about not throwing IVF and IUI out there...I don't want to tempt him. :)  You know REs can't help themselves.  I really do like him though.

Being patient is not my thing.  I want to be pregnant now!


  1. Hey I hear ya sister. Though I've never heard of congenital adhesions. I don't think there is a magic number with Letrozole, I do know 3 is the number for Clomid though. Waiting stinks. But you must be glad to have answers and to know that all your lady parts are in basic working order. When I got my Laprascopy and they gave me the thumbs up (apart from one tiny nodule on each ovary) I realized that maybe its not me and that God was in control. I really had to surrender to Him. It's a daily thing I need to remind myself to do. The hardest part is all the other pregnant woman, known and unknown, walking around the planet!! Talk about penance. Oh well, there is a good in all this, somewhere, right? we have to believe that, or else...what is the point?

  2. Good luck! I've heard sometimes the fluid washing through the tubes helps open things up slightly more than before, which can help?

  3. Very interesting about the adhesions! I'm glad your tubes are open ... like CS said, sometimes that helps!
    I did letrozole quite a few times, but have no idea how many at this moment. It seemed like quite a bit ... it was almost every month there for about 6 months ... and then some, I think.

  4. Hope you are recovering well! Keep hoping. Open tubes--that's a great thing!!!!

  5. How much letrozole do you take?