Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates, Post Peak Test Results, and a Question

First of all, thank you for the prayers. My sister got to go home today! YAY!! She is feeling much better. I will post the story later on what happened to her as well as my epiphany that being a parent is nerve wracking. :)

Second, I got my first blood results back from my NaPro doc. My progesterone levels are approximate as I didn't get the exact numbers:

P+6 - 9 (P+5 was on a Sunday)
P+7 - 14
P+9 - 4

My estrogen was low as well, but I don't have the numbers. My TSH and Vit D were normal. The doc is putting me on HCG 2000iu P+3, 5, 7 and 9.

She thinks there is something going on my with adrenals, and recommended that I find an endocrinologist. I asked her if that is something Dr. Hilgers could take care of and she said she would talk to him at the conference next week.

Isn't Dr. H big on adrenal problems? Otherwise, I've got to just pick one from my insurance list and pray to God they know what they're doing.


  1. Dr H will definately hook you up with adrenal fatigue testing and treatment.
    It does seem like, based on your results, that post-Peak hCG will work well for you. Good luck with it!


  2. From what I know about adrenals blood tests aren't as reliable as the spit test. My adrenal function test was ordered by my first naturopath, but there are places in the US that do the test without the requisition (we have different rules here in Canada).

    Hope you get to the bottom of this soon!

  3. Dr H treats depleted adrenals with DHEA and / or cortisol...

    This is my first post to the IF / NaPro blogs, so I'll keep it brief, until I know I can actual post it. I'm thrilled to be finding so many like-minded Catholic women!!

  4. I'm taking a spit test for a non-NaPro doc. The Napro doc ordered a morning serum cortisol blood test. Still waiting for results.... Keep us updated on your progress. Good luck with the hCG!

  5. I also had the cortisol saliva test done, and my FertilityCare practitioner believes I have adrenal fatigue. I am taking licorice root for the first 10 days of my cycle to increase the half life of my cortisol. I've been taking it for the past three months. Praying that you will get to the bottom if this!

  6. Do you ladies with adrenal fatigue have persistent spotting after AF?

  7. This is a VERY late reply, but I do have some tail end brown bleeding sometimes. I have heard this can be caused by low progesterone or an infection, but I have never heard about adrenal fatigue causing it. I wonder...