Friday, April 1, 2011

Quick Takes

1. I started Creighton charting Tuesday. It's different than what I'm used to, but very similar. The only thing I'm tripping up on is not checking internally. After doing the Ferti.lity A.warenes M.ethod (Taking Charge of Your Fertility) its taking everything in me not too. I got to apply 3 green stickers stickers.

2. Now I'm moving on to the red stickers: today is CD1. BOOOO! AND I have some serious flippin' cramps!

3. I'm doing a 5K in May. God help me! Its at 5:00 in the afternoon on the BEACH, so hopefully it will good. I needed some kind of motivation to help get my butt off the couch!

4. I'm going to Bethesda, MD in about 3 weeks. I'm excited my hubby is coming to. I love to travel and don't even mind traveling for work, but going by yourself sucks!

5. Work is great. Had my yearly review and I'm getting a pretty kick ass raise! Whoo hoo!

6. Does anyone watch Gray's Anatomy?! I think the episode last night would've been much better WITHOUT the singing. What the heck was that even about?!

7. My name is Beth and I am a addict. I cannot help myself! I'm not much of an "updater" myself, but LOVE to read other people's updates and play the stupid FB games. And in true addict fashion, I plan on doing all of the above later tonight!

Come on 5:00, I'm soo ready to get out of the office. The weather is BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Wow. Charting AND running? Impressive and exciting. AND congrats on the raise - awesome!

  2. I got an Optimus Petit Sophia BB thermometer and I love it!
    It's like BabyComp (which I also have) but smaller, lighter, and more user-friendly.
    I bought it on Amazon (and also left a 5 star review) for something like $60?
    I don't even have to think about it - it tells me when I'm fertile, figures out my coverline, stores all the info, etc.